Africa Economic
Summit Group

A Platform for Public-Private Partnership Engagement to Improve the State of the African Economy

The Group

The Africa Economic Summit Group is a powerhouse in the realm of global events, orchestrating innovative and influential gatherings that shape the trajectory of African economies. Our reach extends far beyond borders, catalyzing strategic collaborations between governments, corporations, and thought leaders across the African continent and beyond. Driven by a mission to empower Africa’s institutions and foster collaboration, the Africa Economic Summit Group convenes high-profile figures including heads of states, ministers, CEOs of leading companies, diplomats, and investors. Their platform serves as a nexus for thought leadership, facilitating discussions on critical economic, cultural, and social issues facing Africa and the world.

” We approach the design of the Summit each year with sophistication, discipline and most importantly, shared vision. ”

— Dr Brian Reuben, CEO, AESG

Our Flagship Summit

The Africa Economic Summit brings forward new perspectives and stimulates strategic discussions around Africa’s economic challenges and policy priorities.

Ministers, Law Makers, Governors, Heads of Financial Institutions, CEOs of Leading Companies in Africa, Diplomats, Heads of Academic Institutions, Civil Society Groups, Investors, Thought Leaders, International Media and other stakeholders will gather for a two day of candid discussion and high level networking.

The Africa Economic Summit also offers participants the chance to forge a path forward to necessary solutions on issues affecting the world with ambitious African leadership.